Who We Are

Brilliant Concepts in Motion, LLC (BCM) is a customer oriented consulting firm focused on business start-ups, business structure and business growth.

We are disrupting the way entrepreneurs are coached and supported by offering personalized solutions to our clients. We reduce the cost and struggles that small business owners experience when searching for professional advice.

At BCM, we provide simplistic approaches regarding Branding & Marketing, Business Formation, Customer Strategy and Operational Structure with the intent of helping businesses expand and prosper. BCM respects the vision and journey of business owners, while collaborating with them to redefine the way that they achieve success.

Many consulting companies chase large companies with extensive access to resources. Their algorithmic approaches apply to many industries, without personalization, largely because there is a self sustaining culture within the company. This is a huge factor often overlooked with smaller businesses that have just as much to offer to their community, but need specific consulting analysis.

This is where we are able to provide a unique experience. With over 38 years of combined corporate and private business operation experience, BCM combines both experience and amazing talent, to bring the most personalized and enlightening business solutions to your company.

What We Do

Our services focus on our clients’ most urgent concerns and needs: formation, operations, customer strategy, organization, branding and marketing. We combine our education and experience to equip our clients to achieve their business goals. We consider the changes in the global market, demographic buying power and industry trends when providing our clients with the knowledge and tools needed to establish, expand and grow their businesses. We utilize the BCM Approach to empower our clients through the P.I.E.R. Model.

What is the P.I.E.R. Model?

The P.I.E.R. Model is a systematic approach to business consulting developed by our professionals to assist entrepreneurs with starting, managing and growing their businesses. It is designed to explore the many facets of business acumen, customer strategies and branding. Our clients have grown in both their understanding and perspective of leveraging their skills, resources and time to promote and expand their businesses.

  • Performance (Business Operations)
  • Image (Professional Brand)
  • Exposure (Brand Awareness)
  • Revenue (Net Profit)

Branding & Marketing

  • We help businesses define and align their marketing message.
  • We help businesses connect their business goals and customer strategy.
  • We help businesses understand how to reach their customers and incentivize their loyalty.
  • We help businesses reach their customers through custom designed websites and social media.

    Business Formation

  • We provide assistance with establishing business entities.
  • We provide resources to monitor the growth and creditworthiness of a business.

    Customer Strategy

  • We assist with developing specific interactions that create consistent positive experiences.
  • We assist with creating new and repeat customers.
  • We assist with identifying the target customer base.

    Operational Structure

  • We help with creating business plans.
  • We help with creating vision, mission and core value statements.
  • We help with creating business goals and strategies.
  • We provide guidance with evaluating business results.

Client Feedback

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Hearing from our current and future clients is important to us. If you have a question about who we are, what we do or if you just want to strike up a conversation, we want to hear from you.

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