Who We Are

Brilliant Concepts in Motion, LLC (BCM) is a customer oriented consulting firm focused on business start-ups, business structure and business growth.

Group of business colleagues going over a presentation

We are disrupting the way entrepreneurs are coached and supported by offering personalized solutions to our clients. We reduce the cost and struggles that small business owners experience when searching for professional advice.

At BCM, we provide simplistic approaches regarding Branding & Marketing, Business Formation, Customer Strategy and Operational Structure with the intent of helping businesses expand and prosper. BCM respects the vision and journey of business owners, while collaborating with them to redefine the way that they achieve success.

Many consulting companies chase large companies with extensive access to resources. Their algorithmic approaches apply to many industries, without personalization, largely because there is a self sustaining culture within the company. This is a huge factor often overlooked with smaller businesses that have just as much to offer to their community, but need specific consulting analysis.

This is where we are able to provide a unique experience. With over 42 years of combined corporate and private business operation experience, BCM combines both experience and amazing talent, to bring the most personalized and enlightening business solutions to your company.